Theatre review: Eigengrau, Bush Theatre, London

Eigengrau by Penelope Skinner
Bush Theatre

Geoffrey Streatfeild, Sinead Matthews
The audience at the Bush’s production of Penelope Skinner’s new play Eigengrau was full of even more young professionals than usual, particularly women, which is no doubt because it portrays a world of singletons living in flat shares trying to find love, or at least sex. However, this is no rom com and, despite providing plenty of laughs, it has a dark, unsettling side that makes for uncomfortable viewing at times.

Cassie, a feminist lobbyist, finds a flat mate through Gumtree, but hyperactively upbeat Rose turns out to be desperately lonely and needy. She attaches herself to Mark who is interested only in sex, but he is still in need of companionship, renting a room to his university friend Tim who is bereaved after losing his beloved nan.

The production, directed by Polly Findlay, is full of drama and sharp dialogue, performed by a superb four-strong cast of Geoffrey Streatfeild, Sinead Matthews, John Cummins and Alison O’Donnell. However, it is a bleak vision where there is not much light to balance the lack of meaning and hope in urban life, much like the play’s title which refers to the colour seen by the eye in total darkness.

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